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Ask me anything   Hello, my name Alex! I am a normal girl with a ton of intrests. My favorite things are music, anime, art, design, photography, exc. I am nice. I swear! If you ever have any problems or anything you can talk to me anon or not. ^^ Well, have a nice day!


Concerts are such a surreal experience, I mean, you’re singing your favorite songs with a band or singer that means the world to you and you’re literally in the same room as them. I will never stop loving concerts.

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"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost."
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"If I got paid for complaining I’d actually be a billionaire."
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My anaconda will take whatever it can get at this point

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"If I had another chance, I’d love you again with every single piece of my shattered heart."
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"what would you do if you won the lottery?"


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I have a massive fear that no one actually likes me, rather everyone is just politely tolerating me hoping I leave them alone

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"I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me."
J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (via feellng)
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